Get Involved...

Want to get involved with our class?


A number of you have already stepped up and volunteered even without knowing what may be needed.  We now know what is needed. Please find an area that appeals to you and select something that works best for your schedule.

Record Book
As we celebrate our 25th reunion. Each of us needs to take the time to update our profile and to share news about our lives and what is important to us.  We also need:

  • Editors.  Review submissions and encourage classmates to participate. Feb 15 - Mar 7
  • Layout in Microsoft Word or InDesign. Desktop publishing experience is helpful. March
  • Survey Compiler. Write summary from compiled data from our class. March
  • Shipping.  Help with ordering and shipping of Record Books
  • For more information contact: Lori Dreischmeier

Our insignia this year is purple and white umbrellas.  Volunteers can

  • Hand out umbrellas at the main registration table on Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. One or two hour slots are available. Sign up with a friend.
  • Make a checklist of those who have not checked in on Friday.
  • Distribute the remaining umbrellas to alums on Sunday just before the parade.
  • For more information contact Nell Shapiro

Dorm Decorations (Severance)
Create a welcoming atmosphere in the entrance & main living room.

  • Place snacks and water in the living room and stock amenities in the restrooms. 
  • Give decorating ideas via email and telephone conferences in February
  • Set up starting Friday morning at 10 a.m. for two hours
  • For more information contact Joanna Golden

Dorm Greeters
Welcome back your classmates as they arrive at Severance Hall.

  • One or two greeters beginning at 11 a.m. on Friday to 5 p.m.  One or two hour slots are available. Sign up with a friend.
  • Ask student volunteers to assist where necessary
  • Inform classmates of the appropriate resource person at the College for add'tl help. 
  • For more information contact Joanna Golden

Friday Night Social (Chair)
Oversee the planning of this event. As chair you can recruit others to assist you or you can see to the details yourself. 

  • Be present for the delivery from the liquor vendor 2 p.m. Friday
  • Set out wine and cheese trays and glasses in living room and common room
  • Set up Ipod docking and speakers
  • Make sure students move in as many chairs as possible Friday 3 to 4:30 p.m.
  • Work with Reunion Chairs to develop a fun activity for the hour March-April
  • For more information contact Kathryn Hutchinson or Adriana Allen

Saturday Night Dinner 
This is our major event of reunion.  Volunteers needed Saturday 4 pm -5 pm.

  • Help with decorations and centerpieces.
  • For more information contact Tracy Saras or Brigid Kennedy